Ashley E. Carnage Law, LLC is a solo practice law firm dedicated to Criminal Defense & DUI’s. Ashley Carnage the Owner & Managing Partner of the Firm is an experienced trial lawyer with your best interest in mind.


Our team is led by medical professionals who conduct a thorough assessment and explain your options to make sure that you are comfort with your enhancement plan. NovaLux provides a variety of services and is a one-stop-shop experience that will boost your self confidence and leave you feeling your best. 


Clearing a large area of overgrown land can seem very daunting. Here at ADLS ADVANCE DONALD LANDSCAPING Services we aim to make it simple. So whether it is an overgrown residential space or a piece of land needed to be cleared for commercial development ADLS Services are equipped to take it on. The use of our extensive range of machinery enables us to clear overgrown spaces quickly and efficiently.


We are a personal care company that focuses on all-natural hair and body products. Natural Caramel Beauti was birthed as a result of my personal natural hair journey, my husbands desperate need of a conditioning facial moisturizing oil to stop razor bumps from ingrown hairs when he shaved, and our journey to health from the inside out.   

This is why EVERY product on our site is handcrafted using the highest quality butters, oils, herbs and ingredients from nature. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products, and that is exactly what we provide to each of our customers. We welcome you to try our products and give your skin and hair the love care and nurture that it deserves.

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We want to share our passion for business & technology by helping others. Whether it is a turnaround strategy, or if you simply want an experienced Executive to review your operations to see how they can be improved, we can help. Our approach is designed to make you successful.


Business Consultants/Mentors can be instrumental to your success—that’s why, when it comes to client selection, we are choosy. We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. You should also be careful who you choose to help your business! We provide a very personal and thoughtful approach to working with you and your team to ensure you are more successful than before we met.

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If you need a landscape company we can help. Our Team can take care of all your landscaping installation and maintenance needs.

For the past several years, Evergreen has been a trusted company serving Southwest Georgia and North Florida. We specialize in Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, and Outdoor Services such as Excavation/Land Clearing, Forestry Mulching and much more. We work for Commercial and Residential clients and our customers are always #1, give us a call today for your FREE Estimate.


The Rivers Church, is a community and worldwide ministry that believes in Jesus, loves God and has a heart for authentic worship and seeing families grow together and be empowered spiritually. We are passionate about the local church Fulfilling its purpose on the earth.

As we go out into our community and bring people to God we always recognize the awesome step that someone makes when they come to Christ.


The WP Organ Pedal Holster is an accessory for organists that allows you to mount the sustain pedal from an electronic keyboard over the bass pedals on a Hammond-style organ. For the first time, organ players can have access to the full range of sounds from their digital piano!